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Recreational Nirvana and Medical Salvation – The MMD Shops Journey

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In the heart of Southern California, a revolution quietly ignited in 2006. Founded on the principles of care and community, MMD Shops bloomed amidst the vibrant patches of Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey, Burbank, Santa Monica, Long Beach, and Hollywood.

The resilient green leaf is more than just our emblem- it’s a symbol of wellness and escapism. Whether you desire recreational weed, need medical marijuana, or are simply in pursuit of a nearby cannabis dispensary, MMD shops strive to serve your needs with unwavering commitment.

Like a beacon, we guided citizens in their quest for exotic strains in the heart of Burbank and Santa Monica. Our doors in Los Angeles and Marina Del Rey welcomed all those seeking solace in recreational weed after long, tiresome days. Long Beach and Hollywood were no different, emerging as reliable havens for cannabis aficionados.

With locales spread across the sunny state, MMD Shops pledges to continue its journey, carving out paths in the verdant world of cannabis, and growing – always growing with the vibrant communities we serve. And thus, the leaf thrives, dancing triumphantly beneath the Californian sun.